A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

5 Steps To Make Your Overhead Crane Operations Better

by Jeanne Cunningham

In most cases, rigging and crane operations involves using overhead cranes, wall and floor mounted jibs, monorails, gentries, and more. Below are some steps you can take to make your crane operations more efficient and safer.

Paint A Strip

Paint a white or bright-colored strip of paint on the floor, which indicates the travel perimeter for the crane's hook. This will result in a boxed in area for the overhead crane. Make sure the center of gravity of the loads handled or lifted by the crane is in line with the strip on the floor. This will help to avoid dragging the load to the crane's plumb line.

Be Aware Of Surroundings

All crane operators should be aware of ladders erected, or aerial work platforms that are within its swing range or travel at all time. You should install rail stops to prevent the crane from traveling into an area that has an elevated obstruction. If there is a possibility that the crane's jib or travel swing will come in contact with any obstructions, you may want to consider to tag-out/lock-out the crane.

Make Sure The Swing Arc Is Correct

Before you install any machinery, conduit, or new piping near a floor or wall mounted jib, make sure the swing arc on the crane will not come in contact with any of the new equipment. If so, this can cause damage to the installed equipment, hoist, and jib. If the jib swings out and makes contact with a power source, this could cause electrification. You should install swing stops to prevent this from happening.

Park Hoist Hooks In Designated Areas

You should make sure hoist hooks are parked only in designated areas to prevent contact with rolling machinery, such as aerial work platforms and forklifts, that may drive through your facility.

Hire Only Qualified And Trained Operators

You should make sure when you hire a crane operator that they are highly qualified and trained. This is your best defense against accidents or other safety issues. Having someone at the controls that is qualified will greatly reduce the chances of accidents in your facility.

Consider sponsoring a rodeo for crane operators to keep their skills up to date. This can increase their knowledge, highlight their skills, and increase proficiency. You could host one of these rodeos once per year.

Keeping everyone safe in your workplace is likely your top priority. Making your overhead crane operations better and more efficient is a good way to do this. When you install or upgrade your cranes with a company like http://amquipinc.com/, make sure to ask them about any safety features that would benefit your operations.


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A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

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