A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

How To Use POP Displays In Your Business

by Jeanne Cunningham

One way to draw attention to a product is to place it near the point of purchase (POP), in other words, near the cash register. Why place products close to the cash register? Well, there are two good reasons: 1) There tends to be wasted space near the front of a store, and 2) people waiting in line tend to let their eyes wander over what is near them as they wait to pay for their shopping choices. Making the best use of this space involves knowing what people might look for and how to draw attention to it. 

Low Shelves and Toys

If you put toys near ground level in a row of shelves near your register, any young children waiting with their parents are likely to see the toys and are likely to want to purchase them. These same toys, if placed elsewhere in a store, may go unnoticed. While parents may not have gone into a store looking for toys, they may find that their children don't want to leave the store without one.

Light Boxes

If you have a lot of shelving near your registers, you can use light boxes to draw attention to any items that you would like to stand out above the rest. Some manufacturers may offer display boxes for their products that include a light box so that their product will stand out above any items you have on shelves near the front of your store. 


Customers waiting in line may find that they are thirsty after their time spent shopping. Thus, you may want to place a cooler with drinks near your registers. While placing a cooler near the front of your store will help to meet the needs of your customers, it will also help you to increase your sales. 

You should consider the space near the front of your store as premium space. To find the best use of this space, you should consider what customers are thinking when they are waiting to check out. You should also consider what products manufacturers may want to draw attention to. You can then design shelving and displays that will meet the needs of your customers and manufacturers. If you need help utilizing the space around your registers, you can enlist the help of a company that designs POP displays such as Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc. They will be able to design displays that will dress up the space around your registers as well as use the space wisely. 


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A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

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