A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

Keys To Removing Stubborn Hex Head Bolts From Materials

by Jeanne Cunningham

If you work with hex head bolts a lot, there might eventually be some that are stubborn and don't want to come out of materials easily. In that case, here are several useful tactics you should try.

Turn Tool Quickly

Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best and this often applies to hex head bolts that get stuck in materials. Along these lines, all you may need to do to get this fastener out of a material is turn your wrench or fastening tool quickly.

This can help you generate enough force to get the bolt unstuck. Whereas if you tried to turn the wrench or fastening tool slowly, you may strip the bolt's head and thus make it really difficult to remove in the future. Just use an explosive movement quickly until you can make way with the stuck hex head bolt. 

Spray the Sides of the Bolt With Lubricant

If the hex head bolt that's in a material isn't budging, then it could be a friction issue. You thus might want to try putting lubricant along the sides of the hex head bolt if you can.

This can eventually create enough lubrication to where the hex head bolt is willing to turn gradually. Then you just need to use the appropriate wrench to get it out of the material the rest of the way.

You just need to make sure the lubricant you use is specifically designed for the hex head bolt's material so that you don't risk damaging it. Then you'll still be able to use this fastener again in the future if you want to. 

Try Using a Long Wrench 

One reason why it may be difficult to remove a stuck hex head bolt from a material is that your wrench's handle isn't that big. You thus don't have a lot of leverage to work with.

An easy fix to this problem is to go out and buy a wrench that's really long. Then you can generate enough force to work the hex head bolt to a loose point. You can then successfully remove it from the material.

If you work with hex head bolts and one inevitably gets stuck in a material, it's important to use the right removal tactics. Then you can have success and not damage the fastener either. Just try to focus on removal tactics that make sense until you achieve a successful fastener removal.  

For more information about hex head bolts, contact a local company. 


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