A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Commercial Doors

by Jeanne Cunningham

All doors need occasional maintenance, but commercial doors can need even more care because of their constant, heavy-duty use. Luckily, good-quality commercial doors are designed to last for many years, and taking good care of them can help ensure that they last as they are supposed to. If you follow these tips for maintaining your commercial doors, you should be able to keep them in great shape. 

1. Inspect Them Regularly

You probably already inspect the various equipment in your workplace, so go ahead and add your doors to the list. Take the time to inspect your commercial doors every now and then to ensure that all of the screws are secure and that the door knobs and locks are in good shape. If necessary, tighten up any screws, and consider calling a locksmith if you notice that your locks seem loose or if they don't lock and unlock easily.

2. Lubricate Them As-Needed

Without proper lubrication every now and then, the hinges and other moving parts on your doors will not be able to do their jobs properly. Luckily, a little bit of household lubricant should work well for the job. Every now and then, take the time to spritz a little bit of lubricant on the hinges and any other moving parts. Just remember that you shouldn't add too much, or the lubricant can run and make your door dirty. It really only takes a little bit to ensure that the moving parts on your doors work properly.

3. Clean Them Often

When it comes to cleaning in the workplace, doors often get neglected. However, it is common for them to get scuffed and to have fingerprints and other smudges, dirt and debris. Not only can a dirty door make your business look bad, but it can be tough to clean if you leave the mess there for a long time. Also, if you don't take care of dust and grime, they can get into the moving parts and can make it difficult for your door to operate as it is supposed to. This means that while cleaning the rest of the workplace, you should take a few minutes to wipe down and dust the doors as well.

Taking good care of your commercial doors can help them last and will allow them to work their best in the meantime. Luckily, these three steps should be all you need to do to keep your doors in great shape. Contact local professionals, such as those from Steel Doors, for further assistance.


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A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

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