A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

Tips For Keeping Animals Out Of Your Rented Dumpster

by Jeanne Cunningham

When you've rented a dumpster, had it dropped off in your driveway and are steadily loading it as you clean out a crowded basement, tackle a renovation or perform another job around the home, the last thing you want to do is find an animal trapped in the dumpster. Whether the animal is a neighborhood pest, such as raccoon or skunk, or even a dog or cat from a nearby home, your use of the dumpster might be delayed while you try to coax the animal out -- or even call the local animal-control service to deal with the pest. It's best to be proactive to lessen the risk of such a problem. Here's how.

Keep The Doors Shut

Dumpsters with doors at one end make it easier for you to load items into the bin, but it's important to remember that doors left open can be enticing for animals when you're not around. Always make sure that you keep the dumpster doors closed when you wrap up work at the end of the day -- or even if you're going to be away from the dumpster for a period of time. Don't simply push the door shut -- make sure that the latch is also firmly in place.

Avoid Discarding Food Scraps

Given that the dumpster is meant for collecting waste, it might be tempting to toss your household waste or the leftovers from your lunch into the receptacle, too. While doing so might be handy, it's not the best approach. The scent from the food will attract pests from throughout the neighborhood. Even if you don't end up with large problems such as raccoons, you might be dealing with mice or ants. It's best to always put any food matter or household waste in your garbage can and leave the dumpster for products that won't be as enticing to animals.

Consider Covering The Top With A Tarp

If you're concerned that the dumpster's position is conducive to an animal gaining entry -- perhaps it's under a tree that a raccoon could easily climb -- it can be worthwhile to cover the bin with a tarp when it's not in use. Buy a heavy-duty tarp and some bungee cords, place the tarp across the top of the dumpster and use the cords to pull the tarp down tight. Ideally, this will be enough to prevent any pests from trying to gain entry -- and it will provide the additional benefit of preventing water from collecting in the bin if it rains.

For more tips on how to keep animals out of your dumpster, contact a dumpster rental company like Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc.


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