A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

3 Tips To Help You Maintain Hydraulic Systems And Avoid Costly Repairs

by Jeanne Cunningham

  Hydraulic systems are used for many different types of machines and can be a costly repair when something goes wrong. Just like the maintenance of motors and other parts, the hydraulic systems of your machinery need to have maintenance. Doing simple things like changing the fluid and replacing fittings and seals can help you avoid costly disasters and repairs. Here are some tips to help you maintain hydraulic systems to keep your repair costs down:

1. Change Hydraulic Fluid Regularly With Lubricants Designed For The Climate

The engine oil is something that has to be changed regularly to ensure you do not have problems. Hydraulic systems use a special oil to prevent friction, which needs to be change often, just like engine oil. It is a good idea to keep a record of the hours you use your machinery and watch the hydraulic fluid. It should be a clear color and not dark, dingy black. It may be a fluid like transmission fluid with a red color, or it can be more like oil. This can depend a lot on the temperature of the climate you are working in and the season.

2. Check Hydraulic Cylinders And Repack Grease To Keep Them Well Greased

Hydraulic cylinders are another do a lot of movement as they do their jobs. Since these are moving parts, grease can easily escape from seals and other areas. This is why it is important to check your machinery for these types of potential problems. It is important to check grease as often as possible and keep a container of grease lubricant handy to add to parts that are showing wear as needed.

3. Regular Inspection Of Seals, Hoses And Fittings For Signs Of Wear And Leaks

Inspecting the seals of your hydraulics systems is also important, which can be the source of leaking fluids and other problems. As often as possible, look over all the moving parts and look for signs for fluid leaks around seals, fittings and gaskets. Sometimes, a simple replacement of a leaking seal can solve a problem and prevent damage to your machinery. If you know there are seals that wear out quicker than others, keep these parts handy to make quick repairs when you need them.

These are some tips that can help you with maintaining your hydraulic systems to keep your costs down. Eventually, there may be repairs that your machinery needs, which you can contact a hydraulic repair service to get help with things like hydraulic cylinder repairs. Contact a business, such as Clearwater Hydraulics & Drive Shaft Service, for more information. 


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A Guide to Buying a Water Heater

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